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Our company produces glass manicure files and foot files. Our products are designed for care of natural and artificial nails and for removing rough skin of hands and feet. The product selection is categorized in three groups

Classic line

Our products:

  • have a variety of sizes and shapes
  • can be transparent and color
  • protected by a hologram


Decorative line

Variants of nail files decoration:

  • Hand-painted
  • Hand-engraved
  • Thermal printed
  • Decorated with Swarovski crystals or Bohemia rhinestones
  • Gold finished
  • Laser finished or sandblasted


Professional & advertising line

Our products are used by manicure and pedicure professionals

Besides, files with your company logo is a great way of promotion and advertising

  • Variants of logo application: pad printing, laser, sandblasting, termal printing
  • We will select the color from the customer’s Pantone


What are the advantages of our products?

BO ALLUR manicure files are genuine works of art. Each file is designed not only for a practical purpose but, more importantly, for your aesthetic pleasure.

Nail files made of tempered Czech glass surpass any similar products being a perfect tool for professional and home use

All products have a high abrasion degree obtained by chemical Glass etching.
Important advantages:

  • Non-porous glass surface prevents the growth of bacteria in the material
  • Durability of an abrasive surface
  • Glass nail file seals the edge of natural nails preventing peeling and chipping
  • Easy care. Intended for multiple disinfections by boiling, ultrasound, sterilization in a special solution/alcohol

Treatment of surface with strong acids is not recommended.


1. Convenience

File polishes nail plate gently, softly and smoothly, without damaging it. You can make filing in different directions. The use of glass nail files contributes to healthy nails— they become stronger and no longer stratify.

2. Safety

Nail files which are made of tempered glass are safe for health, hypoallergenic and do not provide a chemical effect on contact with the skin. Environmentally friendly glass is 100% free from heavy metals or other contaminants.

3. Durability

The filing surface:

  • Will not wear off (yes, at all!)
  • Will not lose its abrasive capacity
  • Have an unlimited lifetime.


See here the technologies we use to produce nail files.

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